• If you are an ISV, you can choose components designed to extend your product platform. Alternatively, if you choose to market these components to your clients, VRP will enable commission or allow you to build a margin on top of our services.

  • If you are an end user, we look forward to discussing and evaluating your needs, helping you choose the right components for your constituents and providing you with a free cost estimate.

  • Below you will find our available services and a link that will give you access to full descriptions and time estimates for the components we have to offer. To get started, please, enter your email address. 

VRP Consulting is a systems integrator with the expertise and resources to support both users and providers of eLearning content. Whether you are an ISV or an end user, your learning platform needs to connect both internal and external constituents with their existing environments. VRP can help you achieve this by the use of one of our many productized services.

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  • The GoToMeeting Connector is a services integration that connects the videoconferencing platform, GoToMeeting, with a user's existing learning platform. With this component users will receive the ability to schedule and join GoToMeeting conferences directly from their eLearning platform.
    The GoToTraining Connector is a services integration that connects the on-line training software, GoToTraining, with a user's existing learning platform. 
    We assume that customer already has LMS system and we need to incorporate TinCan LRS. TinCan LRS will contain: course uploader, TinCan API & LRS.
  • This service will connect your existing LMS platform with Yammer, the enterprise social network. 
    This service will connect your existing LMS and social network platforms together, such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Allowing the use of social media within your existing platform.
    The SCORM player integration will connect the users existing LMS with the users existing SCORM player. 
  • What does the company do?
    An eLearning company in the pharmaceutical industry was attempting to take on integrations as well as take care of their core code all in house. After agreeing on a six month development time frame with multiple offshore .NET resources and onshore project management and business analysis, allowed the need users to work directly with engineering.
    This resulted in a more robust platform which broadened their selling point, and it also freed up their in house engineers allowing them to focus strictly on customizations and integrations while VRP focused on taking over their core code.
    What does the company do?
    VRP has helped one marketing software vendor serve their 2,000+ clients around the world by developing educational platforms with proven technology to support a broad range of highly interactive training formats. Options include in person classroom, instructor led virtual classed and self-paced online courses. 
    VRP provided invaluable support and resources to the eLearning company to achieve their goals. A company experiencing this level of rapid growth must engage deeply with partners to stay on track - VRP secured their trust at the onset of the project. Read more...
    What does the company do? 
    An Analytics company who provides solutions such as credit scoring, to businesses on a global basis ran into this exact issue. As more analytical tools were developed employees needed to be trained in these tools in order to offer the best to their clients.
    This was a custom development project involving user interface customization, advanced search and filter functionality, folder hierarchical structure, customized objectives planning, and integration with Skillsoft’s Skillport LMS.
    The end result is a highly efficient and effective Development Planning system to manage internal employee training in all areas. Read more...
    What does the company do?
    The eLearning market is one that is diversely integrated with many platforms. 
    An independent software provider in the eLearning environment must focus on servicing the needs of their client base needs while executing on their competitive product roadmap.
    As a result, not only did our ISV client extend their platform and allow their engineers to focus strictly on their core code but they in turn won a large opportunity that they would have never gone after prior to partnering with VRP.