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Why is it worth to choose VRP for your career?

VRP Trains

Each employee has 4 paid hours per week for self-education after the probation period. The company has library which is constantly refilled with up-to-date books. Employees visit external and internal seminars and trainings. The company provides paid training for those employees who have decided to build their career with cloud computing.

VRP Certifies

Each Salesforce expert runs the internal and external (from the Salesforce company) international certification. We certify employees in Microsoft Dynamics, C# and QA.

VRP Gives An Interesting Job

VRP works with clients from around the world. There are challenging projects requiring uncommon solutions.

VRP Cares About Employees

The main value of the company is employees. VRP cares about their personal development, health (annual vaccination), comfort (office is situated in the city center, ergonomic desks and chairs, modern PCs), vacation (twice a year we have corporate party). We support sports: basketball, soccer, swimming, water aerobics, tennis. Employees play table tennis and work out in the gym right in the Minsk office which also has a shower.

VRP Connects People

The company has more than 130 people from all over the world. They are united by the idea of creating the best products on the latest technologies. The atmosphere in the offices is friendly: more experienced employees supervise less experienced.