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Data Management & Migration

Database migration defined simply is the process of taking data from a legacy application and moving it to new target application and systems platform.

That is how it supposed to work, but as veterans of applications development and integration know, it is anything but simple and requires qualified IT engineers, commercial tools and years of experience and industry applications expertise. In short it requires an investment in infrastructure and the right talent and discipline.

These are the skills and capabilities that VRP brings to the table. We treat data migration as a core competency.

Our dedicated teams deliver on an average of 10 data migrations a week. The personnel have database administration, mathematics and engineering backgrounds and they are trained in commercial data management and migration tool suites.

VRP Consulting, LLC is a leader in systems integration between the Salesforce SAAS, .NET, Java and open source technology stacks. Leveraging an eastern European technical engineering team and US based consultants we are in our second decade of delivery. We have experience in a myriad of legacy environments as well as cloud based Salesforce and Windows Azure platforms.

Serving the non-profit and commercial marketplaces VRP Consulting delivers data migration solutions and support worldwide on a direct or white label basis to organizations from AARP to Facebook, Salesforce to Cisco to eBay, from San Francisco to Munich and beyond.

Data migration with VRP Consultants can help reduce the costs and risks of these IT initiatives by accelerating data migrations and lowering labor expenses. Due to the exponential growth of data generated by companies and the continuous improvements in data storage hardware & software, IT organizations are in a constant state of change.

The critical process of migrating data is usually a separate project but one that is fundamental to the success of a larger infrastructure project. Where the data migrations fail, the larger infrastructure project will be jeopardized.

Migration projects are extremely critical within organizations and for the global company infrastructure as these projects are responsible for handling the company's data assets. The impact of overruns or failures can be significant with negative financial consequences to the business as a result of lost productivity also reduced final customer confidence, loyalty and image.

In the worst case scenarios data loss or corruption can be disastrous!

VRP Consulting Data Migration key benefits

  • In most cases work with you to provide an estimate of the costs and risks up front
  • Migrate data efficiently and rapidly with a minimum impact on your internal human resources or assets
  • Minimize the risk of data loss or corruption using best practices and methodologies
  • Improve the end user experience through cleaner data

VRP'S Data Migration Process

  • We take the time to understand your company, its systems, and how your company uses those systems to support and store data to determine which data sets will be migrated to your Salesforce environment;
  • Before we migrate any data or make any changes to it, your valuable data files are backed up securely;
  • Once we receive all the data, we will thoroughly analyze it, noting any necessary mapping customizations; needed to support the target data model for an accurate and successful migration. We will also assess the health of the data in order to be sure we are not inserting duplicates or dirty data into the migration;
  • Based the object relationships of your data, we will determine the best process and the best tools in which to migrate the data into your new environment;
  • A small sample of data records is migrated. We then proceed to verify the accuracy of our "mini-migration" by running different reports;
  • Now we take the full load of your data and begin several migrations, sampling the results as we proceed;
  • Finally, we run report after report, testing and verifying the accurate and complete transition of your data into the target environment.

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Erich Flynn

President, TreeHouse Interactive

VRP has been a great partner. VRP has combined their Salesforce CRM Apex architecture and engineering expertise with our offerings to deliver extraordinary value to our clients. We have relied on them to assist us with proof of concepts that have resulted in driving sales and new client acquisition. In addition, they have a good channel for marketing of our core Demand Generation and Partner Relationship Management products.

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