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VRP Consulting has a track record of working with early stage entrepreneurial organization and assisting them in producing a prototype, proof of concept or phase one commercial software product that allows them to gain angel investment or venture capital funding.

This program is what VRP has entitled its "Managed Services Model". Key to this program is the vision and the drive of the management team coupled with the Technical Architect and Project Management provided by VRP.

The VRP Managed Services have been developed over more than a decade of working with clients and combines the high quality production associated with a traditional product development lifecycle with the time and cost-savings benefits of a rapid applications lifecycle (RAD). Using our managed services, VRP's processes allow end users to be engaged earlier in the product development lifecycle than in the traditional model, but also allows for the quality controls that are frequently missing in rapid applications development models.

VRP has distilled the product development process eliminating the layers of personnel deployed, simplifying the lifecycle steps, and engaging end users earlier in the product development process. Simplification has created a communications conduit between the entrepreneur or technical resource and the VRP offshore development resources to allow rapid applications development without sacrificing quality assurance.

This approach is deployed in the following way:

The entrepreneur, business manager or design studio has a current environment that they wish to upgrade or a specific custom application that they wish to develop. VRP helps them translate that vision into reality by providing a Technical Architect and Technical Project Management that leverage flexible offshore resources, consisting of highly skilled engineers and provision all of the traditional systems administration, data management, integration and development resources needed to complete the project.

The entrepreneur's or design studio's role is to document and communicate that vision and use the training and tools VRP provides to bring their vision to life. The VRP onshore Technical Architect and Project Manager brings the training and oversight to the process.

These skilled VRP software architects and project managers provide the critical level of expertise to translate the organizations vision into a reality.

Here is how VRP moves beyond the traditional into the managed services programs return on investment:

The Traditional Systems Development Lifecycle

A standard team includes:

  • End User Project Manager
  • HTML Developer
  • VRP Onshore Executive Project Manager
  • PHP Developer
  • VRP Onshore Technical Manager
  • System Integration Engineer
  • Onshore Technical Writer
  • Database Administrator
  • Onshore Business Analyst
  • Conversion Developer
  • Applications Architect
  • Systems Administrator

This team traditionally removes the end user experts from the day to day work. This development approach is best for large and difficult systems implementation or conversion, but can be very time consuming.

Rapid Applications Development Life Cycle

A Standard team includes:

  • Client Business Manager
  • VRP Engagement Manager
  • Client IT Team Members
  • VRP Onshore Architect
  • Design Team Manager
  • VRP Offshore Developer Resources

The pitfalls of rapid application development are that due to increased speed, the final product tends to be of lower quality and have more maintenance issues. With our Managed Services Methodology, VRP has been able to retain the speed associated with rapid development and still deliver a high quality product.

Talk to VRP Consulting about deploying the managed services program for your early stage organization today!

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Lisa Van Dyne

Promotions Manager, Media Sales, AARP

Niels and his team are incredible to work with. He never sees a problem, he sees only an opportunity to create a new work-around. And he does! His knowledge and his passion for what he does makes him a joy to work with. And he's more than just another "computer guy," he becomes part of your team, learning your business and really understanding your needs. At the end of the day you'll find that you've got a new creative mind on your side of the table who understands what you need and how to get the job done. Take a look at what he and VRP have to offer, you won't be disappointed!

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