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Web 3.0 Development using Sites Technology

Jobscience, a software developer specializing in HR software applications that help companies manage their recruiting efforts, is operating at the forefront of Web 3.0, also known as "cloud computing." Like many other businesses offering SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications, Jobscience runs its applications entirely in the cloud online computing space. Instead of downloading software, which needs to be constantly updated and reinstalled, Jobscience's talent management applications are accessed via the Jobscience website, making the website critical to the company's success.

Jobscience decided in late October it was time for a website overhaul. The goal: align the site more closely with and incorporate the latest in Force site technologies. The timing: a mid-November launch to coincide with Dreamforce, the Salesforce annual conference which commands attendance in excess of 16,000 and is the premier event in the cloud computing space. The way to make it happen: VRP Consulting.

The Challenge: Integrate the latest Salesforce CRM technologies into Jobscience's new website.


VRP Consulting, providing software development capabilities to partner Rogue IT, was one of only 30 firms selected earlier in the year to participate in a pre-release software developer pilot program by Salesforce for their new Force sites technology. With, Salesforce has expanded its offerings into the platform-as-a-service arena, allowing companies to develop powerful, custom applications entirely online. Working with VRP consulting, Jobscience found an ideal partner to help them meet their aggressive deadline - not only did VRP have the resources carry out the web development work in a timely manner, but VRP had the knowledge base already in place needed to implement Salesforce platform-as-a-service technology into the Jobscience website overhaul.

Working with a project manager from the company, who knew the customer base and product set, VRP set up an initial working session to introduce the customer to Mantis, a popular issue and bug tracking software, and establish the look and feel of the new site. Working with the customer, VRP's project manager and web development team quickly dove into creating the site.

By virtue of the fact that VRP is so well versed in the implementation of Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) applications, instead of using PHP, an older programming language, the entire site was built using Apex,'s proprietary programming language. This allowed for seamless systems integration of Force site technologies into the user interface. The end result is that Jobscience's site was built entirely in native code, allowing Jobscience to deliver the best customer experience possible across its SaaS platform and leaving the site ready to add in new functionality quickly and easily as the need arises.

As a software developer, Jobscience is continually working with Salesforce to create new products that will meet the needs of its customer base. The website VRP created for them integrates Force dynamic technology into the fabric of Jobscience's site and allows for better support of existing products and easier implementation of new products.

VRP's offshore web development resources also proved to be ideal to meet the customer's aggressive timeline. Directives and approvals from the client were executed overnight and allowed the project to be delivered in the three weeks leading up to the Dreamforce conference. Since then, VRP continues to work with Jobscience in deployment of the newly released CMS Force tool, a content management system program within the Force sites environment.

If your organization is currently considering development of a new site, or an overhaul of an existing site, let VRP help you integrate Web 3.0 technologies into your design. We understand SaaS Cloud Computing and can create Salesforce integration applications and help you develop new ones using Force platform technology. Contact us today.

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