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System Administration

System Administrators are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the computer systems of a company. Systems Administrators are also responsible for providing the day to day maintenance and configuration support of the applications environments.

VRP Consulting provides these systems administration capabilities in the Open Source, .NET and Java client server environments as well as the cloud, including the Microsoft Azure and Salesforce Apex and Sites environments.

We also offer:

Application monitoring: Once project is live lack of proper monitoring costs in terms of downtime when support persons are not aware if an application is having some problems or the application not working at all. Monitoring your customer's online experience is vital to the success of any web application. Downtime and poor system response creates unhappy customers and generates opportunities for your competitors – not to mention the lost revenue. Let VRP assist you in keeping your applications running, night and day.

Monitoring System Availability: Is the system up? Can system administrators talk to it, ping it, run a command against it? Are the specific services running on the system responding and performing? Detecting system availability ranges from whether the system is up to determining whether its sub-systems are performing properly. VRP will monitor your systems while you sleep, confident we are on the job.

Dr. Alan Maloney

CEO, Cogent Medicine Inc.

VRP has proven to be a versatile and responsive development partner, able to handle formal, complex design and programming projects as well as meet urgent client needs with only high-level directives. They work in the real world and get things done.

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