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Systems Integration

In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.

Your company needs to focus on its core business-not on a complicated IT environment. With multiple vendors providing your software and hardware systems, or cloud-based services, you have no idea who to call when a problem arises. This complexity prevents your IT department from focusing on company innovations; instead they are bogged down in the inefficiencies.

VRP Consulting is dedicated to providing systems integration services. We have engineering talent that combines data management with accounting, financial systems integration, ERP, eCommerce, and Cloud Computing SaaS applications like and Windows Azure. We work in all the technology stacks and mobile application platforms.

VRP Consulting is a true systems integrator. That is what we lead with. When software package providers say they can provide this, but not that - that but not tie it into this...

It is time to call VRP Consulting!

Mikita Mikado

co-founder, Quote Roller

As the founder of a successful startup, I must say that going with VRP Consulting was a blessing in disguise. VRP Consulting played many roles in helping us to develop a SalesForce integration plan and AppExchange submission. They even helped us to improve our product. It was a fantastic experience working with VRP Consulting. I am glad we found them.

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